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Serial fault injection in binary code

Target – cover code branches, that process memory allocation errors. Conditions – binary code analisys only.

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Dataflow-0.2.0 is now available

After month of development new features are available:

  1. Module’s functions recovering from binary code without any additional information;
  2. Binary program test SDK creation;
  3. Test loading to target binary program’s address space. Test executing. An analyzed binary continues executing in same mode as before test loading.

Thus, Dataflow-0.2.0 version can be used for in memory fuzzing performing.

You can download utility, watch screenshots  and release history from project home page. Dataflow is MaiWay project part. The Dataflow tutorial is also available. Enhanced features are described in The Dataflow tutorial . Part 2. Please, feel free send bug reports, suggestions etc. to authors.

Dataflow Tutorial. Part 2

The Project home page.

Some useful information you can see in Dataflow 0.1.1 Tutorial.


  1. Download archive
  2. Unpack it anywhere (c:/temp, for example )
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